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What is the new southern policy?

President Moon Jae-In of Korea declared the new southern policy focusing on people, peace and prosperity at the Korea-Indonesia Business Forum held in Jakarta on November 9, 2017. The new southern policy aims to build the community of people where people and hearts are well connected, the community of peace which contributes to the peace of Asia through national security cooperation, and the community of prosperity through reciprocal economic cooperation. Korea strives to build extraordinarily close partnerships with ASEAN countries and India.  

Event to Introduction

The center of the global economy is moving to Asia, which is the growth engine of the globe.

Nevertheless, the Asian economy including Korea faces new challenges due to growing global economic uncertainties such as the US-China trade conflict and tightening trends of the advanced economies.

The New Southern Business Week is “the venue for business exchange of Asia” where businesses of Korea and new southern countries can pursue prosperity and economic cooperation through a mix of programs including forums, seminars and one-to-one counseling sessions.

The Asian economy needs to find a new growth engine to overcome current crisis and achieve sustainable growth.

New business opportunities and amazing creativity are emerging in every corner of the new southern area, and especially the trend of the digital economy emerged primarily in the new southern area is spreading all over the world.
◦ Discuss possible collaborative projects in promising industries with dynamic South & Southeast Asian countries by providing business and networking opportunities

◦ Bolster momentum of the New Southern Policy through mutually beneficial economic cooperation

◦ Lay the groundwork for mutual growth and trade diversification through close cooperation
Title Korea-ASEAN & INDIA Business Week 2020
Date Oct 13, 2020 (Tue) – Oct 14, 2020 (Wed)
Venue COEX Grand Ball Room & B2 Hall
Host - Presidential Committee on New Southern Policy
Organizer -Korea-South & Southeast Asia Business Coalition
-Korea International Trade Association (KITA)
-Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
-Seoul Business Agency (SBA)
-Korea Importers Association (KOIMA)
-Human Resources Development Service of Korea
-The ASEAN Culture House
Participantss Approximately 500 people
- Companies currently operating or seeking to establish a presence in ASEAN or INDIA
- Government officials, representatives of related organizations
Key Speakers (Korea) Chairman of Presidential Committee on New Southern Policy, Chairman of Korea-South & Southeast Asia Business Coalition, CEO of major conglomerates, etc.

(ASEAN & India) Keynote speaker, high-level government official, ambassador to Korea, global company CEO, chairman of economic & related organizations, etc.

COEX Grand Ball Room : Korea-ASEAN & India Business Forum

Date & Time Oct 13, 2020 (Tue), 14:00 – 17:50
OrganizerKorea International Trade Association
14:00 ~ 14:20 Opening Ceremony
14:30~15:35 [Keynote 1] Post COVID-19, the Role and Future of Asia
[Keynote2] Pandenomics, the Change in Business Paradigm
[Keynote3] Mutual Cooperation & Future Vision of ROK-ASEAN
15:35~17:50 [Session 1] Stay-at-home Economy & E-commerce, the Acceleration of Digital Transformation
[Session 2] Innovative Start-up & the Shift in Asian Start-up Environment
17:50 Closing

COEX B2 Hall : Seminars

ASEAN & India Market Introduction Seminar
Date & Time Oct 13 (Tue) 13:30 - 17:30
Organizer Korea International Trade Association
13:30~14:30 [SESSION 1] Consumer Markets of South & Southeast Asia and Establishing Overseas Branch Offices
14:30~15:30 [SESSION 2] E-commerce Market of Southeast Asia and Market Entry Strategies
15:30~16:30 [SESSION 3] Food and Beverage Market in Indonesia and Market Entry by Halal Certification
16:30~17:30 [SESSION 4] South & Southeast Asia Market Entry Strategies: Success Stories

Korea-ASEAN & India Investment Seminar
Date & Time Oct 13 (Tue) 13:00~17:00
Organizer Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency
Session 1 13:00-13:10 Introduction KOTRA
13:10-13:40 The Philippine Response to Economic Impact of COVID-19Mr. Jose S. Dinsay
Embassy of the Philippines
13:40-14:10 Investment Opportunities and BOI’s Support MeasuresMs. Nam Kyung Min
14:10-14:40 Malaysia is Open for Business : “A Global Supply Chain Hub” Mr. Mohamad Reduan Mohd Zabri
Session 2 14:40-15:00 Break Time
15:00-15:30 Investment Cliate and
Opportunities in Indonesia
Mr. Randi Rivadianza
15:30-16:00 Gateway to the World, VietnamMr. Pham Viet Tuan
Embassy of Vietnam
16:00-16:30 Investment opportunities, Readiness for post COVID-19 Recovery Mr. Khata Chen
Embassy of Cambodia
16:30-17:00 Myanmar investment opportunities and environmentMs. Win Pa Pa Thu
Embassy of Myanmar

COEX B2 Hall : One-on-One Business Meetings

Date & Time Oct 13, 2020 (Tue) – Oct 14, 2020 (Wed), 10:00-18:00
Event ASEAN & India Big Buyer
Online Conference
Certified Trading Company
Business Meeting
ASEAN & India
Smart City Business Meeting
ASEAN & India
Startup Business Meeting
Organizer Korea International
Trade Association (KITA),
Korea Trade-Investment
Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
Seoul Business Agency (SBA)
Korea International
Trade Association (KITA)
Korea Trade-Investment
Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
Korea Trade-Investment
Promotion Agency (KOTRA)

COEX B2 Hall : ASEAN & India Pavilion

  • Date & Time: Oct 13 (Tue), 13:00 - 17:00 & Oct 14, 2020 (Wed), 09:00 - 17:00
  • Arranging an exhibition booth for each country and promoting the flagship product of each country in cooperation with ASEAN & India embassies in Korea (1:1 business meeting could be arranged)
  • Organizer: Korea Importers Association (KOIMA)

COEX B2 Hall : Additional Events

ASEAN & India Human Resources Development Zone

  • Date & Time: Oct 13 (Tue), 13:00 - 17:00 & Oct 14 (Wed), 09:00 - 17:00
  • Organizer: Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • Contents
  • Promotion for International HR affairs of Human Resources Development Service of Korea
  • Consultation for companies wishing to participate in International HR affairs

ASEAN Culture Experience Zone

  • Date & Time: Oct 13 (Tue), 13:00 - 17:00 & Oct 14 (Wed), 09:00 - 17:00
  • Theme: Connecting People, Bridging ASEAN-ROK
  • Host & Organizer: Korea Foundation (KF), ASEAN Culture House (ACH)
  • Contents
  • (Experiencing ASEAN Culture) Promotion of ASEAN culture through Online Exhibition & Shows, Introduction of leaflets by KF, Recipe Cards of ASEAN Cooking Class
  • (Promotion of ASEAN Culture House) Introductory Video of the ACH, Brochure Display

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Korea-ASEAN & India Business Forum

ASEAN & India Market Introduction Seminar

Korea-ASEAN & India Investment Seminar

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